Pretty Beaches: Wrightsville, Carolina and Kure Receive Restorative Funding

Sea Scape Properties manages a myriad of vacation rental properties on Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach and Kure Beach, so we were thrilled to learn that the North Carolina congressional delegation has allocated another $11 million for beach renourishment in the Storm Damage Reduction project. This is earmarked for Wrightsville Beach, but Carolina Beach and Kure Beach also received similar support this past October.

Major storms and hurricanes wreak havoc on our beaches. That’s why maintaining an ongoing renourishment process is so important. Having a legislature that makes this a priority is appreciated not just by our homeowners, but by all who visit our beautiful beaches.

When you visit, you may see the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers executing on this disaster relief program, so we thought we’d tell you more about it.

What is beach renourishment?

Essentially, beach renourishment adds sand back to the beaches to create wider beaches and prevent erosion. It always results in a more beautiful beach!

It is used to:

  1. protect buildings and infrastructure from wave attack,
  2. improve beaches for recreation,
  3. create new natural environments,
  4. eliminate detrimental effects of shore protection structures by burying them, and
  5. retain sediment volumes during sea level rise.

How does Beach Nourishment Work?

Beach nourishment consists of pumping or trucking sand onto the beach (most often, we see pumping here in NC).

According to Science Direct, the beach’s active sand movement actually extends out to a water depth of 9 – 12 meters below the low-tide line. This surface is referred to as the shoreface. With nourishment, only the upper beach is covered with new sand so that a steeper beach is created, which modifies the topographic profile of the beach both on land and offshore.

Why we appreciate renourishment

How much one enjoys their time at the beach is dependent not just on weather but on how the beach looks and feels. Is there enough sand? Is wildlife attracted to the area? To fully appreciate all that our beaches offer, they must be continually cared for. And renourishment accomplishes that by providing more protection and potentially restoring habitats that were destroyed during storms.

The State of NC has repeatedly voted to invest in the health and beauty of our beaches. As you visit Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, or Kure Beach, remember to do your part to keep the area looking beautiful and the habitat in place to support our wildlife.

While visiting our area….

If you plan to visit our area this summer, you may see the beach renourishment in action. Equipment such as bulldozers and an ocean dredge, as well as materials such as piping, are already are staged beachside in some locations. For more information on how it may effect each location check out the sand placement tracker to view where construction is taking place during the sand moving process.

Stay with Sea Scape Properties

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