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Carolina & Kure Beach Renourishment

Keeping our beaches beautiful!

Carolina & Kure Beach Renourishment Project

If you plan to visit Carolina or Kure Beach this summer, you may see the beach renourishment in action.


What is it?
Essentially, beach renourishment adds sand back to the beaches to create wider beaches and prevent erosion. It always results in a more beautiful beach!


It is used to:

1. Protect buildings and infrastructure from wave attacks,
2. Improve beaches for recreation,
3. Create new natural environments,
4. Eliminate detrimental effects of shore protection structures by burying them, and
5. Retain sediment volumes during sea level rise.


Equipment such as bulldozers and an ocean dredge, as well as materials such as piping, are already staged beachside in some locations.


To learn more, click here. To view where construction is taking place during the sand moving process, click below.


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