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Pleasure Island

Home to both Carolina and Kure Beach… and all the way down to Fort Fisher. Carolina Beach is the first beach you find when crossing south over Snow’s Cut bridge. It’s a straight shot through the active ‘town’ of Carolina Beach and its sweet little lake to get to Kure Beach.

What is Carolina Beach Like?

If you’re looking for southeastern North Carolina’s family beach, you’re probably looking for Carolina Beach. In fact, the ‘chamber of commerce’ description reads: “Carolina Beach offers an authentic North Carolina beach experience from the past with a fun, family-friendly spin for today”.

Its northernmost end is comprised of marinas and condos, with Freeman Park one of the highlights. It is also one of the only beaches in North Carolina where driving onto the sand is allowed… if you can get a pass. But don’t think of Freeman Park as the only park… there’s a dynamite State Park on the western side of the north end of Carolina Beach. In addition to being home to wild venus flytraps , gorgeous trails lead to camping areas and a beachfront for fishing. Don’t miss this jewel.

The Boardwalk keeps everyone entertained when beach time is limited by weather or sunburn. Keeping kids amused is easy with rides for small children, including a colorful carousel and fun slide along with carnival games and street food all summer long. Older kids, not matter what age you really are, might be found feeding their addiction in the Carolina Beach Arcade . And everyone will give in to break their diet at Britts Donuts . There’s only one kind… but you’ll never say no to a second helping!

Carolina Beach has their own fireworks, which is one of the many evening activities that the hordes of diners enjoy after fabulous beach food. One favorite spot is the Ocean Grill Tiki Bar , which sits on the pier over the beach. It’s the ideal place to enjoy a creative cocktail while people watching and surf gazing. And it sits perfectly between Carolina and Kure Beach.

Fun Facts:

  • There are at least seven ice cream shops in Carolina Beach. Two of them have overseas connections: Celtic Creamery has its “other” location in Ireland and is based on Irish cream; and Latella Gelato has its roots in an Italian family.
  • Located in New Hanover County, Carolina Beach is 15 miles south of Wilmington.
  • Carolina Beach was the home of the Tuscarora before they were driven out by English settlers in the 1700s. By the Civil War, the population had grown to a whopping 72 people. The first hotel was built in 1887.
  • According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Carolina Beach Lake Park is the largest freshwater lake (11 acres) closest to saltwater.
  • Fort Fisher also has a ferry that will, um, ferry you over to Southport for a wonderful day trip. Drive on cost for this 35-minute experience? $7.

Nostalgia and Nachos

There’s so much to do on Pleasure Island that it has earned its reputation as a fabulous family vacation, with something to make everyone happy.

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