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Concierge Services

We make your life even easier while on vacation

How can we help you?

Here at Sea Scape Properties, we try to accommodate every request a guest may have. To provide our guests with even more resources to help relieve stress while on vacation, we teamed up with Metro’s Other Woman®. Metro’s Other Woman® offers an array of services that accommodate any busy lifestyle.

Metro’s Other Woman® is an all-in-one service for savvy, forward-thinking individuals and business owners who are on-the-go, but wise enough to delegate and share the load. A fully licensed and bonded business and personal assisting firm, Metro’s Other Woman® understands your busy life. We offer an array of services that cover every last one of those demanding details that complicate your life.

Stocking the Fridge & Filling the Pantry

Metro’s Other Woman® has one goal: to provide stress-free living. We know the hassle of going on vacation and then spending the first day in the grocery store. That’s where we come in- we’ll go to the store for you and fill the pantry while you enjoy your vacation.

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Metro’s Other Woman® offers dog walking and pet sitting services to aid with the responsibility that comes with caring for a pet. Take back your lunch hour, stay on the beach, or just relax on the couch – we’ve got you covered!

Unpacking & Setting up

Metro’s Other Woman® loves to organize! Whether it’s a closet, pantry, or unpacking the suitcases, we specialize in providing low-cost solutions that will create space and order in the household.

Rental Set-up and Delivery

Metro’s Other Woman® plans and executes! Whether gearing up for a child’s 1st birthday or a chic dinner party, we’ll seize the day. We’ll work with you every step of the way to achieve your ideal event.

Meal Prep & Beach Picnic Set-up

Metro’s Other Woman® lends a hand to most needs. Looking to have a nice meal one night or a picnic on the beach with friends and family? Save the trouble for us. Enjoy your vacation- we got this!

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