It’s Time for Locals Summer!

Post-summer season is what we call Locals Summer and runs roughly from the time kids start back to school through October/mid-November.

Here are 5 reasons to book a stay with Sea Scape Properties during Locals Summer:

1. Lower Rental Rates
After Labor Day weekend, rental rates drop to off-season pricing which typically runs from September 1-April 30. This means you get to stay in the same great Sea Scape house at a fraction of the price.


2. Shorter Stays
Most vacation rentals will require a minimum stay of 7 nights during the peak summer season. During Locals Summer, Sea Scape offers a 3-night min. stay making a weekend getaway possible.

3. Less Crowded Beaches
During Locals Summer, you may find it’s just you and a handful of others enjoying the sandy landscape. No need to fight for a small square of sand. You’ll have plenty of room to spread out and take in all our area beaches have to offer.

4. It still feels like summer
School is back in session and fall sports are ramping up. These are sure signs that fall is here but it still FEELS like summer! The sun is warm and the water is still the perfect temperature for fishing, swimming, boating or floating, whichever you choose!

5. True Island Time
The hustle and bustle of peak summer season is winding down. Come sit and relax for a spell at your favorite restaurant, browse leisurely through boutique stores or take a stroll along pristine beaches. During Locals Summer, you can take your time, relish in the sunshine and enjoy the local vibe of the island.

So, what are you waiting for? Come enjoy a bit of Locals Summer with us. Lower rates, less crowded beaches, great weather….it’s the perfect way to unwind after a busy summer season!
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