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December 8, 2019

Off-Season Checklist for your Vacation Rental Property

Summer rental season is well behind us which means it’s time to check items from your off-season list. Here are some key tasks to ensure you’re making the most of your downtime and getting your property in tip-top shape for next season.

1. Deep Clean
Yes, you’ve had your home cleaned after every stay, but this is the time to really get down and dirty with those dust bunnies! Some items to note would be scheduling professional cleaning of carpets and upholstery; removing dishes and decor from cabinets and shelving and pulling items from closets to clean and reorganize. Don’t forget the areas behind the washer and dryer and heavy furniture. These areas are not part of a normal clean between check-ins and have a tendency to build up dust and debris. At Sea Scape, our cleaning crews have a comprehensive check list of items and actions that need to be tended to during off season.
2. Annual/Seasonal Maintenance
This is also a good time to touch up scuff marks on walls and baseboards, check air filters and smoke alarms, and test light bulbs throughout the home. Don’t forget to turn off the water to your sprinkler system and drain any outdoor water spigots if you are in an area that freezes during the winter; this can prevent costly damage to outdoor plumbing. Our Sea Scape maintenance crew stays busy during off-season attending to these, and many other small details.

3. All Around Home Evaluation
Does your home accommodate 12, but only offers 9 steak knives? Time to replenish. Take inventory of all your kitchen amenities like dishes, glass/flatware and cooking supplies. Check the operation of all your appliances and upgrade if needed. Check the quality and quantity of all your linens and bath towels too. If you offer other amenities to your guests as Sea Scape does, like bikes, beach toys, and coolers, make sure everything is clean and functional. At Sea Scape, we perform thorough evaluations of all properties each off-season to ensure our properties and owners are prepared for the busy season ahead.

4. Reviews
It cannot be overstated – READ your reviews and TAKE NOTE of what your guests are saying about you and your property. If a guest has taken the time to let you know about their stay and offers suggestions on how to improve, it’s imperative you listen. Letting guests know that you are responsive to their feedback is an easy way to help maximize return visits. At Sea Scape, we value each guests feedback and happily pass the information along to our homeowners to help improve guest experience. Click here to see what our guests are saying about us. 

5. Update Your Online Presence
It’s very important what a guest sees of your property online is consistent with what they see when they come to stay. Did you replace a comforter set in a bedroom or update the living room décor? Take new pictures and get them posted for all to see. This simple step not only attracts new guests but shows past guests they can expect a fresh experience for their next stay. We make sure all of our properties are showing their best side by updating website photos often.

After the hustle and bustle of vacation season, fall and winter may seem like a time to relax, but staying on top of these off-season tasks will ensure an easier transition into the busy summer. As always, happy renting!

Tired of doing all the work yourself? Let Sea Scape Help! Contact us today to find out how.
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