Scary Movies and Spooky Spots Galore

How many of the popular “Halloween” movies have you seen? You know, the one where Jamie Lee Curtis (one of our all-time favorite actresses!) seems to be the only person who doesn’t get killed? We’re all about movies here at Sea Scape. Since 1985, more than 400 film, television and commercial projects have been shot at the Wilmington, NC, Screen Gems lot and at locations up and down the North Carolina coast.
And as it is October, we are especially excited about scary movies! Halloween certainly is near the top of most people’s lists of scary movies to watch in October.

The first Halloween was shot in 1978 in and around Hollywood, of course. But the most recent one was shot where??


As a matter of fact, lots of scary movies have been shot in and around historic downtown Wilmington. Don’t believe us? Check out Hunter Ingrams blog Wilmington’s Film Legacy as Horror’s Home Continues. That being the case, a fun thing to do for a holiday escape would be to rent a Wrightsville Beach vacation house – or a Carolina Beach vacation house – and take in all the surroundings that make this a great location for film and TV.

Simply secure an ocean front or water view vacation rental and spend some of your time paying homage to the great films that were shot here.

You can start by watching the new release of Halloween Kills. It opens on October 15th and can be seen at most of the movie theatres in Wilmington. Or – if it’s not TOOO scary, stay in your rented villa and watch it by streaming it on Peacock.

You can get ideas for where to look for TV and films that were made here by visiting the website of Wilmington and Beaches. They have great self-guided tours you can download and print out, that will take you all over the area to point out key locations.

Our local newspaper actually did a piece highlighting some of the most famous actors that have stayed and filmed here. (Yes, of course, Jamie Lee Curtis is featured.) Most all of them have rented houses at the beach… so you might be able to stay in one of the houses a famous person rented!

Just a bit Scary

The scary part about all of this is that there may not be rentals available! Seriously, October is fast becoming one of the most popular months to rent a house on the North Carolina coast. Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach have such easy access to all the things you could ever want that it would be a scary thought to miss out on the inevitably fabulous ‘fall’ weather we get.

If you’re ready to get on the film tour bandwagon, Wilmington is a great place to do it. Or if getting out and about is more your thing, there’s lots of Halloween fun to be found around our little coastal haven.

No big busses here like Hollywood though. The carriage and trolly tours will have to do! And for an added bonus, a full moon in October over the ocean….oh, what a site!

Check in with us today. We’d love to help you find the perfect film watching location.
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