Spotlight on Topsail Island

outheastern North Carolina Shas so many beautiful beaches that sometimes it is hard to decide which you are most drawn to. They are all so different that at any given time, one might have your name on it for a more permanent location. This blog series was designed to help you decide which is best for you.

Let’s explore Topsail Island.

What is Topsail Island like?

If you’re looking for an escape from it all, Topsail may just be your beach. This 26-mile-long island is comprised of three different communities: North Topsail Beach, Surf City at the center, and Topsail Beach at the southern end. Each of these communities has a different ‘vibe,’ but each also has access to expansive beaches where you can spread out and still find an escape from the crowds.

If you’re a seaside treasure hunter, Topsail is your place! From shells to sharks teeth to sea glass, Topsails’ expansive beach offers miles of treasures to be found. Unlike it’s sister beach in Wrightsville where shells are mostly found in pieces, they can be found here in bounty and fully intact.

This is a kicked-back place to spend your time. Sometimes referred to as the area’s hidden gem, this residential spread offers not just great and (mostly) quiet beach time, but restaurants to meet everyone’s needs.

It’s kid-friendly in a big way, with miniature golf and parks that are easily accessible. If you come in the fall/winter/early spring, you can even ride your horse on the beach. But not many of the beach rentals from Sea Scape Properties accommodate horses. Do be sure to check out all those that allow dogs, however like Summer Salt on Topsail Beach.

How to pronounce Topsail

If you plan to spend any time on Topsail Island, you’d best learn how to pronounce its name. Note that it is one word. Therefore, it is not Top Sail, but instead it’s taken from the mariner’s lexicon and pronounced Tops’l.

Fun facts

Along with three communities, Topsail Island has thick maritime forests. It is also a sanctuary for sea turtles who use its beautiful beaches to hatch the next generation.

The island lies in two different counties: Onslow County in the north, and in Pender County in the south.

Folklore has it that the island was named Topsail because pirate ships hid behind the island with their topsails visible from the sea. Not to burst any bubbles, but the name actually came from New Topsail Inlet, close to Beaufort, NC.

When you want an easy way to cook a scrumptious meal at home, you can stop in at Topsail Steamer . This nationwide phenomenon takes “today fresh” seafood and let’s you create a dinner like no other for seafood lovers. They’re so good, they just won the Coastal Entrepreneur of the Year Award!

HJust Chill

At its essence, Topsail Island is more relaxed than other beaches. If that’s your aim, this might be your beach.

If you’re interested in vacationing in this area or looking for a property management company you can trust to care for your Topsail Island Vacation Rental home, let us know ! We’d love to ‘show’ you around.

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