Vacation Homes: More people buying; more need for management help

If you have a vacation home at the beach, you are in good company. 

You might even see yourself in this data: During the pandemic, vacation home sales rose by 16%. North Carolina was in the top five states in the country experiencing that rise. And to prove that it is a competitive market: In September of 2020 alone, 68 percent of vacation homes sold in less than a month. 

It’s fair to say vacation homes are a popular investment, especially when some of that investment is returned quickly through renting out to others. With homes at North Carolina beaches renting in the off-season for about $200 per night and significantly higher ‘in-season’ prices, it doesn’t take long to start recouping your investment.
But renting isn’t always a cake walk. Let’s explore a few situations:


You may have purchased a beach home with dreams of turning it into a vacation rental and managing all the logistics yourself. It looks pretty easy to post on a vacation rental site. Take some pictures, write a sweet narrative, and off you go. Seems reasonably easy, if you’re a good writer and a great photographer.

What’s not always easy is supporting your guests. Taking calls in the middle of the night for plumbing problems, or the neighbors complaining about noise coming from your property can get old quickly. And don’t forget the extra costs for things such as cleaning and maintenance which can arise when you least expect it. A broken a/c unit in the middle of summer would need to be repaired or in the worst case, replaced immediately for guest comfort.

All of this can be exponentially more frustrating if you don’t reside in the area. A guest may report a clogged drain or empty grill tank but if you’re not close at hand to make the repair, an easy fix can become an all-day event or a costly affair if you need to find someone to complete the task. Even when living locally, a vacation rental management side job can quickly become a full-time job when managing maintenance, guest bookings and requests, and marketing aspects all on your own.

Management Firms that Didn’t Pan Out:

There are several vacation rental management companies to choose from in the Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Island, and Pleasure Island (Carolina and Kure Beaches) areas. As owners migrate to Sea Scape Properties, here are the main reasons we hear they are ready to make the switch:

  1. Communication:

    this is almost always at the top of the list. The inability to reach or receive feedback from the management team has been a repeated cause for concern and a huge reason many people have switched to Sea Scape. Our team is dedicated to you and your property. We are here to listen to your overall goals and discuss together how we can make them possible because we know our success is truly based on your success.

  2. Advertising:

    if your property is not positioned or portrayed well, that means fewer bookings and less income for you. Your property will suffer if people aren’t being shown your home. At Sea Scape, our homes are listed not just on our website, but on many third-party sites, potential guests search regularly like VRBO and AirBNB. We also make sure your homes ‘best side’ is shown as this is the first experience guests will have with your vacation property. Throughout the year, we will do our best to help you maximize profits on your investment.

  3. Guest Relations:

    Inquiries can be smooth. But on average, there are a series of questions that people have before they are willing to sign a rental agreement. They will more than likely also have questions or situations that need to be handled during their stay. That’s why a qualified, seasoned team needs to be in place. At Sea Scape our team is available 24/7 to help guests find the perfect home for their vacation and to make sure their expectations are met when it’s time come to stay at your rental home and our reviews will attest to that!

Trusting Sea Scape for Property Care and Great Bookings

For the past decade, beach homeowners have been trusting their homes to Sea Scape Properties. We have grown from just a handful of homes to over 70 vacation and 160 long-term rental properties in our portfolio.  From Topsail to Wrightsville, from Carolina to Kure Beach, our homeowner satisfaction ratings are high.

If you’re considering renting your home, contact us. We are happy to share our knowledge, provide referrals, and talk you through the benefits of trusting Sea Scape with your home.
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