Ride the Waves at Carolina Beach: Surf Lessons and More for Every Visitor

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With consistent waves year-round, Carolina Beach is an excellent surf spot for all levels. Participate in the fun with Carolina Beach surf lessons!

Discover a new passion for surfing with experts who will help you surf your first wave. From fun group lessons for beginners to private lessons from pro surfers, here’s everything you need to know to start surfing at Carolina Beach.

Best Surf Schools for Carolina Beach Surf Lessons

Want to learn how to surf at Carolina Beach? These local surf schools offer lessons for all skill levels.

Tony Silvagni Surf School

Learn the surfing basics from a USA Surf Team Gold Medalist! With more than 20 years of experience riding waves, Tony Silvagni shares the secrets to surfing.

The Tony Silvagni Surf School offers surf lessons for all ages. It’s open year-round. Join a group session where a team of pro surfers take you from the basics on land to riding your first waves. His teaching style focuses on water safety so even kids can have a great time learning the sport.

All surf teachers are certified in CPR, AED, and first aid.

Odysea Surf School

There are two key things to look for from a surfing school: instructors who know how to surf and teach. Most of its staff are also qualified as certified teachers in local districts, so these surf instructors know the best techniques to get beginners surfing like almost-pros in no time!

These lessons are short and sweet, with just two hours of instruction and practice in the water. That’s plenty of time to learn the basics and hear the excited cheers from the entire group when you catch your first wave.

All equipment is provided.

Private surf lessons

An alternative to group lessons is booking private surf lessons. These sessions are tailored to your skill level and offer one-on-one attention. Whether it’s your first time surfing or you want to tighten up your skills, private lessons can be very helpful in reaching your surfing goals.

Both local surf schools offer private surf lessons.

Surfboard rentals in Carolina Beach

surf board rentals carolina beach

Save yourself the hassle of bringing your own surf gear and rent instead. No need to buy your own surfboard and wetsuit if it’s your first time and you’re only in town for vacation. There are numerous shops offering surfboard rentals in Carolina Beach that will provide everything you need to start surfing.

Pleasure Island Rentals – 11 Pavilion Ave S Unit 2, Carolina Beach, NC 28428

CB Surf Shop – 209 Lake Park Blvd S, Carolina Beach, NC 28428

Tony Silvagni Surf School – 107 Charlotte Ave, Carolina Beach, NC 28428

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Things to know before surfing at Carolina Beach

If you’re considering taking Carolina Beach surf lessons, there are a few things to keep in mind before heading into the water.

  1. Safety

Surfing is a very fun water sport, but staying safe in the water is important. Carolina Beach has lifeguards on the beach, and surf school instructors are trained with rescue assistance.

Understanding the water conditions is essential. Watch for rip currents in the water, unfavorable conditions due to wind or weather, and other news.

  1. Surf Gear

Local surf schools provide everything you need to surf. The basic gear is a surfboard and optional wetsuit if the water temperature is chilly. Don’t forget to wear waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin.

How Long Does it Take to Learn How to Surf?

If you’re in town for a short stay in Carolina Beach, the good news is that its plenty of time to learn how to surf! Surf lessons are as short as two hours, or you can get a private instructor for just an hour. Both options provide you with the basics for surfing. Afterward, you can rent your own surfboard and practice for the rest of your stay.

More Water Fun at Carolina Beach

scuba diving in carolina beach

Surfing is one of the top things to do in Carolina Beach. However, it’s not the only way to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean. If you need a break from the waves or surfing isn’t your thing, check out some of these other fun water activities you can do in Carolina Beach.

Kayaking local waterways

There are several waterways snaking throughout the North Carolina barrier islands. Rent kayaks and tandem kayaks to paddle past boats in the Intracoastal Waterway, spot sea turtles near Masonboro Island, and snake through the historic Cape Fear River. Join one of the guided kayak tours at Carolina Beach State Park.

Explore Zeke’s Island

Avoid the crowds visiting Carolina Beach during the peak season with an excursion to Zeke’s Island. This remote island is a protected reserve to preserve its natural appeal. Relax on the beach, where you’ll be one of the few people present. Keep an eye out for the many shorebirds that nest here.


Did you know Carolina Beach is how to several shipwrecks? The history awaiting underwater and the abundant marine life in local reefs make this a popular diving location on the North Carolina coast. Explore nearby diving sites, including the Hyde Wreck and Liberty Ship Wreck. Join tours with Carolina Beach Scuba.

Cruises and charters

Carolina Beach’s coastal beauty is undeniable. Take in the sights from the water with local cruises and boat charters. You can find sightseeing cruises, historical tours, sunset cruises, and trips to nearby islands. Charter your own boat with Yacht Source.

Surf and Stay in Carolina Beach

Stay local and enjoy Carolina Beach surf lessons just minutes from your accommodation. Oceanfront vacation homes place you right on the beach for catching the day’s first surf or watching surfers from the comfort of home. Find the perfect Carolina Beach vacation rental and book your stay today!

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